TFS Comments

Product Licensing

Per-seat licenses are available for purchase by companies or individuals intending to use TFS Comments extension. The license is machine tied. The same license key can be used only on one PC. This means that if a company has 30 PCs with TFS Comments extension installed, they must purchase 30 seat licenses. If needed the license can be deactivated and reused on another PC.

The license permit the perpetual use of the latest version of TFS Comments extension at the time of purchase, and all future versions.

Price: $9.99

Bonus Feature


A Visual Studio Extension that helps with TFS code reviews. Visual Studio doesn't inform you if your code review gets a comment or you get reply on your comment for somebody's review. You can get an email notification, but TFS sends those for any code review activity, so it is to hard to keep track.

This extension shows a badge with number of code reviews that need your attention.

Unread Badge

In example above there are two code reviews that need attention. Click on the badge and the extension will open the Team Explorer "My Work" page. "My Work" page will have Code Review Comments section at the bottom.

Code Review Comments Unread

As you can see two code reviews have bold font, meaning those two reviews have new related comments (comments to your code review or replies on your comments). Double click on each review to open standard TFS review interface.

Come back to "My Work" page and you will see that all reviews have normal font now. Reviews kept in Code Review Comments section for three days (this is configurable in extension options), this way you can come back and see those reviews if needed even after you "read" those related comments.

Code Review Comments Read

After you open reviews with new comments and there is no more unread reviews, notification badge changes:

Read Badge

The notification badge shows number of pending code review requests.

Bonus Feature

The extension turns on spell check on code review comments and checkin message. It has ality to add spellcheck exceptions to a custom dictionary, see options below.

Code Review Comments Spellcheck






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